Kara Cove-Brown is 11 and she makes her own Christmas presents. One year, she asks her great-grandmother, Nanna Pearl, what she wants Kara to make her. In a brief moment of clarity, Nanna Pearl asks for a White Christmas.

The only problem is that no snow is predicted for Bristol this Christmas, in fact, no snow is predicted anywhere in England or Wales, so what is Kara to do?

Armed only with her wit, imagination, her resolute little sister Sophie, and a Black Dog, Kara sets out to make it snow no matter what it takes. Along the way she gets help from her house spirit, faces of with the ghosts of Arnos Vale, the monsters and rogue characters of Bristol, and grumpy Gods.

But does she make it snow by Christmas Day?

The Girl Who Made It Snow is a light hearted romp through some of Bristol’s less well-known areas, building on real and invented folklore, as well as many lost ideas from English mythology. In Kara Cove-Brown, we have a strong-willed and intelligent lead willing to battle all to keep a promise.