Single Frames: A Japanese Short Story Collection

Follow a man who comes to loath the sound of drums, follow two old friends with different regrets as they hike into the mountains, follow the tragic tale of a Tokyo mom, follow two lovers as they meet under the cherry blossoms, and a geisha who helps her patron into the mountains as his death nears.

Tradition mingles with the modern day like in no other country. Wander through Japan’s seasons, from a deadly mountain tradition to the modernisation of a Kyoto garden. These are simple tales, often tragic ones, little slices of life, and echoes of the imagined past..

Single Frames covers the gamut of Japan’s past, present, and a little of its future. Inspired by titles from Japanese movies, this short story collection draws heavily on not just Japan’s rich cinematic history, but also from literary stars like Kawabata Yasunari and Murakami Haruki. This is for fans of both Japan and its culture.